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From Texas to Florida with Home in between!

U.S. Navy Aircrew, Decorated Combat Veteran with a style groomed from playing Louisiana Country and Cajun music in the dancehalls, jukeboxes, and numerous yearly festivals of Southwest Louisiana. I’m bringing back music with real stories of the joys and tragedies of everyday life.

Country music has always drifted a little right and left of center over time, but I’m making a strong effort to bring it back a little closer to center with more traditional sounds, lyrics, and life situations that all of us can relate to.

I started out playing rhythm guitar and singing classic country with Louisiana local bands, then grew my own following before moving to Branson for a few years to play with some very talented musicians. After a pretty long hiatus, I’ve decided to get back into the business in an attempt to bring back real music we can relate to with my first release “Waiting Around for Something”. The song was written by my good friend, Troy Martin “Baby’s gotten good at goodbyes”, in collaboration with other friends Taylor Craven and Nick Biebricher. I am working to record a couple of new originals written by myself in the very near future!
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