Texas Country Music Association Appoints Barry Rogers as Executive Director of Sponsorships

CARTHAGE, TEXAS (April 9, 2024) – The Texas Country Music Association announced today that they have appointed Barry Rogers as Executive Director of Sponsorships effective immediately.


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That's right, through our TCMA Member Incentive Program we give back to TCMA Members by donating a portion of membership fees back to them........read more

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2024 Texas Country Music Industry Awards Winners Announced


The 2024 TCMA Songwriter Contest  OPEN FOR ENTRIES Only through

May 30!

  • Country and Christian Country Categories
  • Overall Winners Are Invited To Perform at the 2024 Texas Country Music Awards at Billy Bob's November 10th
  • All Top 10 Finalists are recognized at the 2024 Texas Country Music Awards

TCMA Members: Together We Make A Difference!

The Texas Country Music Association (TCMA) serves as the only trade organization and primary entity focused on championing Texas Country Music, and is dedicated to supporting and promoting the industry as a whole. Founded with the goal of nurturing and advancing the unique sound and culture of Texas country music, the TCMA and the TCMA Members play a crucial role and serves as a unifying force for the community, providing opportunities and resources for artists, musicians, and other industry professionals within the genre. Through various initiatives such as awards shows, showcases, workshops, and networking events, the TCMA helps to elevate the visibility and recognition of Texas country music on a local, national, and international scale now and for generations to come.

TCMA really is YOUR organization - the only trade association and advocate for the Texas Country Music Industry.  With your help we’ve sure shaken things up and have energized and influenced the Texas Country Music Industry statewide, nationwide & worldwide — and we’ll keep on doing it together with you! There's a lot going on and together with TCMA Members, we have made and are going to continue to make a big difference! So whether you’re an Artist, Songwriter, Musician, Venue, Media, Business or a Fan, you're needed participate in the Texas Country Music Association! Our purpose is to help promote and support you in your endeavors and music, and you can help us do what we do by joining and getting involved!! Please check out all of the projects completed so far and plans for the future! Click on JOIN NOW to see and be part of it all! And please share and invite friends too!

Advantages of
    TCMA Membership...

There are many advantages to becoming a TCMA Member, such as added exposure for you through social media sharing; additional voting points for the Texas Country Music Awards; complete access to the TCMA Website including a listing and an editable page for yourself, your band, organization or business; authorization to use the TCMA Member Logo on your website, in print or social media pages; access to the TCMA Member Directory; discounts on products and services provided by other members, advance notice and preferred seating at TCMA sponsored events including the Texas Country Music awards, and more………but the best reason of all is knowing that by being a member you are actively involved in advancing Texas Country Music Industry, Artists and businesses while increasing exposure for yourself and our industry as a whole…specifically those from and performing in the Lone Star State. 

Performing rights simplified!  TCMA Partners with Alltrack, who focuses on performing rights for independent artists.




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Here are some of our

In case you didn't already know, TCMA doesn't just present the biggest events in Texas Country:  Texas Country Music Awards and the Texas Country Music Summit and Industry Awards, we work daily to help promote and support the artists, songwriters, musicians, venues, media and businesses who come together to make it all happen!  Just take a look.........

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     NOTE:  The Texas Country Music Association Inc.. partners with it's sister organizations Texas Country Music, Inc., American Country Music Association, Inc., and Country Music Association of Texas, Inc.   Texas Music Association, Inc. and Texas Music Awards, Inc.  TCMA's headquarters are in Carthage, TX, and is not legally affiliated with any other organization of similar or like name.

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